Volume 11, Issue-2 - 2020
Papers in Volume 11, Issue-2 in 2020

Cover page

1. A Comparative Study of VANET Routing Protocols
     - Pramod Kumar Joshi

2. Review of Various Suitable PWM Methods for three Phase Multi-Level Inverters
     - Ankita Kumari and Nikhil Kumar Nigam

3. Designing and Evaluating the Indian Stock Market Volatility with NSE Index using GARCH designs
     - Lotica Surana

4. Evaluation of Directional(Transmitting and Receiving Algorithms in Wireless Ad Hoc Network with Directional Antennas
     - Mohit Tyagi and Alok Tyagi

5. Medicinal Properties and Phytoconstituents of Alstonia scholaris: A Review
     - Deena Prakash, Divya Bisht and Arvind Kumar Shakya

6. Analysis of Co-infection of Pladmodium and SARS-Cov-2 and its impact on Healthcare Services in India
     - Meghna Singh

7. Three-Dimensional Inetractive Shooting Game Based on DirectX
     - Richa Saxena and Anurag Malik

8. Block Chain Techology-An Enabler of Innovation in Buisiness Processes
     - Nidhi Mathur

Volume 11, Issue-1 - 2020
Papers in Volume 11, Issue-1 in 2020

Cover page

1. A Review on Arrhythmias in ECG: Detection Using Spectral Methods
     - Ram Sewak Singh, Demissie Jobir Gelmecha, Javed Shaikh, Tadesse Hailu Ayane

2. Influence of Filter Length and Side Lobe Attenuation of Dolph-Chebyshev window on UFMC for 1024QAM
     - Malay Ranjan Tripathy, Demissie Jobir Gelmecha, Balwant Singh, Rishi Asthana, Ram Sewak Singh

3. Mobile Apps or Mobile Websites based customer preferences, their characteristics and influence on customer’s awareness
     - Gagan Varshney

4. Liposome as Effective Drug Delivery Systems: A Review
     - Mohit Mishra, Prasanna Kumar Sharma, Rakesh Kumar Soni

5. A Study on the Sales of H&M Before and After COVID-19 Outbreak
     - Bhavya Asija and Shevata Singhal

6. An Explication on Data & Information Security in Human Resource Management System
     - Reena Singh, Trilochan Sharma

7. Nano Technology for Increasing Productivity in Agriculture
     - Nidhi Singh and Shikha Shukla

8. Disease Predictor with Naïve Bayes Classifier
     - Nitesh Kumar Verma, Shivangi Singh, Shardul Singh Chauhan, Dinesh Kumar

9. Present and Future Opportunities for Solar Power in the Indian Market: A Study
     - Rajeev Kumar Chauhan

Volume 10, Issue-2 - 2019
Papers in Volume 10, Issue-1 in 2019

Cover page

1. A Review of Gilbert’s Syndrome with Emphasis on the Metabolic Pathway of Bilirubin and Uridinediphosphoglucuronosyl transferase isoform 1A1 (UGT1A1)
     - Ashley Cravens and Savita Chaurasia

2. SSL Based Green Technology Solutions for Digital India – an Overview
     - Bharat Kumar Yadav

3. Skin Lesion Segmentation using SegNet-U-Net Ensemble
     - Prashant Brahmbhatt, Rishi Chaturvedi, Siddhi Nath Rajan and Bernd Markscheffel

4. Remediation of Agricultural Waste into Wealth
     - Alok Bharadwaj, Shreya Kashyap, and Divya Methwani

5. Time-Frequency Investigation of Heart Rate Variability and Respiratory Signal Using Adaptive Continuous Morlet Wavelet Transform
     - Ram Sewak Singh, R.P.S. Chauhan, Demissie Jobir Gelmecha, Tadesse Hailu, Praveen Kumar and Lakhan Dev Sharma

6. Voltage Unbalance StifledMamdani Fuzzy Logic Model for Stator Faults Analysis of Induction Motor
     - O.P.Yadav and G.L.Pahuja

7. A Comparative Study of Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Network
     - Amit Kumar Gautam and Rakesh Kumar

8. Study and Development of Air Monitoring and Purification System
     - Kaushal Kishor, Shagun Saxena, Shivam Yadav and Sarvesh Yadav

Volume 10, Issue-1 - 2019
Papers in Volume 10, Issue-1 in 2019

Cover page

1. Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana): A Natural Healer for Diabetes, Heart Diseases & Other Metabolic Disorders
     - Kunal Singh, Mayank Chauhan, Sanjay Yadav and Vivek Kumar

2. Evaluation of Feature Extraction Techniques for Punjabi Language in ASR system
     - Jyoti Guglani

3. Effect of Multiple Test Case Sets and Reduced Test Data of a Test Case Set on Mutation Testing
     - Updesh Kumar Jaiswal, Suveg Moudgil and Fazal Ahmed Siddqui

4. Web User Profiling: Strategies and challenges
     - Savita and G Rani

5. A Survey Paper on Concept of Digital Twin in Modern Era
     - Basu Dev Shivhare, Kartikey Shukla and Aquib Siddiqui

6. Effect of Excessive Usage of Smart Phones on Human Health: A Case Study
     - Debarun Chakraborty

7. Biological Object Based Software (BOS): An Integrative Biological Programming Environment of Learning
     - Burra V L S Prasad

8. Insilico Modeling of Helicoverpa armegera Aminopeptidase-N receptor and Docking Studies with Bacillus thuringiensis Cry1Ac Toxin
     - Siva Prasad Venkata Satya Chekkara and Priya Ranjan Kumar

Volume 9, Issue-2 - 2018
Papers in Volume 9, Issue-2 in 2018

Cover page

1. Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Disorders and Risk Factors in Bank Office Employees Using VDT - A Case Study
     - Rajinder Kumar-a & b*,Lakhwinder Pal Singha

2. Workflow Scheduling Approach Based on Makespan in Cloud Computing
     - Sonam Seth*, Nipur Singh

3. Energy Handling and Operation of a Microgrid Based on Photo Voltaic & Fuel Based Cells
     - Neha Singh, V. K. Maurya*

4. What It Need to Be a Leader in the Case of XYZ Company?
     - Sahil Chutani*, Mohit Kumar Sonkar, Shalini Vasudeva, Mohit Sharma

5. Plant Disease Detection Using K-means Clustering
     - Shraddha Shrivastava, Priyansha Mishrab*

6. Individual Personal Financial Planning: A Study of National Capital Region (NCR)
     - Meenu Baliyan and Punjika Rathi

7. Virtual and Blended Learning- Challenges, Its Impact & Ensuring Quality of Learning
     - Pankaj Agarwal

8. CPN Modeling and Performance Analysis of Hierarchical Fault Management System
     - Swati Singhal*, Heman Pathak

Volume 9, Issue-1 - 2018
Papers in Volume 9, Issue-1 in 2018

Cover page

1. The Effect of Cryogenic Treatment on Tungsten Carbide
     - Vijay Kumar Sharma

2. Service Quality Models in the New Millennium: A Revisit & Critical Appraisal
     - Surjit Kumar Gandhi*, Anish Sachdeva and Ajay Gupta

3. Present and Future Prospect of Small Molecule & Related Targeted Therapy Against Human Cancer
     - Akshat Pathaka, Sanskriti Tanwarb, Vivek Kumarb and Basu Dev Banarjeec*

4. IoT & Agricultural Marketing: A Case Study
     - Debarun Chakraborty*

5. Study of the Mechanical Properties of Aluminium-Silicon-Iron Alloy
     - B. N. Pathak*, Anant Kuchhal, Shubham Aggrawal and Mukesh

6. Comparison of Petri Net and Markov Approach for Availability Analysis of System
     - Ankur Bahl *, Anish Sachdeva and Rajiv Kumar Garg

7. Effect of Oxide Powders on Austenitic Stainless-Steel Welding by Active GTAW Process
     - Gurveen Singh* and Dinesh Kumar Shukla

8. The Cause of Unemployment in Current Market Scenario
     - Rubee Singh*

Volume 8, Issue-2 - 2017
Papers in Volume 8, Issue-2 in 2017

Cover page

1. Developing a Scale to Measure Supplier Service Quality in Indian Small & Medium Manufacturing Enterprises
     - Surjit Kumar Gandhi, Anish Sachdeva and Ajay Gupta

2. Modified Koch Fractal Antenna for Ku and K-Band Applications
     - Mohd Gulman Siddiqui, Abhishek Kumar Saroj, Devesh and Kamakshi

3. Face Recognition Using Supervised vs Unsupervised Learning Techniques
     - Abhjeet Sekhon

4. Awareness Level of Rural Consumers of West Bengal on Mobile Services
     - Debarun Chakraborty

5. Flesh Borne Parasites of Man
     - Omolade. O. Okwa and Theodosia O. Olubode

6. Prioritization of Occupational Safety Parameters in Small Scale Manufacturing Industry-Analytical Hierarchy Process
     - Satnam Singh and Lakhwinder Pal Singh

7. Comparative Phytochemical and Antioxidant Activities of Methanol and Petroleum Ether Extract of Carissa carandas Leaves, Fruit and Seed
     - Vijay kumar, Priyanka Tarpada, Khushali Sadariya and Swati Goswami

Volume 8, Issue-1- 2017
Papers in Volume 8, Issue-1 in 2017

Cover page

1. Applications of Bioinformatics in Era of Genomics and Proteomics: Future Prospect and Challenges
     - Rohit Kumar Sharma, Jasleen Saini, Jaspreet Kaur Boparai, Ramanpreet Kaur, Pushpender Kumar Sharma

2. Lean Manufacturing and Organizational Performance: A systematic Review of the State of the Art Literature
     - Rohit Sharma, Anish Sachdeva and Ajay Gupta

3. Design and Analysis of Diversity Based Decision Fusion in Underwater Sensor Networks Communication
     - Vibhav Kumar Sachan, Shweta, Syed Akhtar Imam

4. Scheduling Jobs in Hadoop MapReduce Framework for Heterogeneous Environments
     - Subhash Mishra

5. Face Recognition Using KNN Classifier
     - Abhjeet Sekhon

6. Simulation of 23x23 Bit multiplication algorithm in vedic mathematics using verilog code
     - Ugra Mohan Kumar, Devendra Singh and Pankaj Punia

7. Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (QSAR) modelling for the analysis of Estrogen Receptor Beta modulators
     - Siddharth Singh, Chandrabhan Singh, Priya Ranjan Kumar, Sarika Srivastava

8. Study of TEG When Connected in Series and Parallel Combinations Along With a DC-DC Converter
     - Faiz Mohd Siddiqui,V.K.Maurya

9. Impact of Culture on Employee Negotiations in IT Services Industry of India
     - Pavitra Satsangi

10. Mobile Code Executer
     - Alok Kumar Rai, Deepmani Bhardwaj, Arpan Srivastava,Vinita

Volume 7, Issue-2- 2016
Papers in Volume 7, Issue-2 in 2016

Cover page

1. EDetecting Equivalent Mutant with Constrol Flow Graph and Condition Test for Equivalence Suspected Mutant
     - Priyaka Gupta, Rakesh Kumar, Nipur

2. Effect of Work-life Balance on Job Performance: A Comparison Between Clerical Staff and Officer Cadre in Indian Banking
     - Sathya Swaroop Debasish and Gaurav Sahoo

3. Analysis of a Micro Grid Connected with a Solar Pond Using a Combination of Thermosyphon and Thermoelectric Modules
     - Faiz Mohd. Siddiqui and V.K. Maurya

4. Scheduling Jobs in Hadoop MapReduce Framework for Heterogeneous Environments
     - Ankita Nitin Saxena

5. SRR Loaded Multiband Patch Antenna for Wireless Transmission
     - Shilpa Srivastava and Rahul Kumar Verma

6. Towards Improved Continuous Hindi Speech Recognition: Challenges and Advancement
     - Ankit Kumar and Tripti Chaudhary

7. A Review on the Cost Optimization Control Techniques for Smart Grid Sources
     - Debojyoti Sen and Aditi Dixit

8. Real Time Object Identification and Classification
     - Mayank Juneja, Pragya Khanna and Kirtika Agarwal

9. Pattern of Investment of Households Among Different Income Group in NCR
     - Meenu Baliyan and Girish Jain

10. Hierarchical Location Management Schemes for Mobile Multi Agents Communication
     - Swati Aggarwal and Heman Pathak

Volume 7, Issue-1- 2016
Papers in Volume 7, Issue-1 in 2016

Cover page

1. Evalution of India Dairy and Agro Industry on Green Performance Index for Implementing Green Supply Chain Management
     - Vijay Sharma, Pankaj Chandna, Anish Sachdeva and Arvind Bhardwaj

2. Linkage between ‘Triple Bottom Line’ and Business performance: Indian Small and Medium Enterprises Perspective
     - Manvendra P. Singh, Arpita Zone and Mousmi Roy

3. Bioremoval of lead, cadmium and nickel by Chlorella pyrenoidosa with increase in lipid production for bioenergy application
     - Monika Prakash Rai, Anwesha Khanra and Vandit Saxena

4. Commercially Available Layered Manufacturing Techniques: A Review
     - Manu Srivastava, Sachin Maheshwari, T.K. Kundra and Sandeep Rathee

5. Characteristic behaviour of Artist from Raga Performance
     - Poonam Priyadarshini

6. A Detailed Review of Literature on "Social Networking" – A Global Perspective
     - Pragnesh Dashrathbhai Navlakha and Narayan Baser

7. A Survey on Facilitating Document Annotation Using Content and Querying Value Based on Attributes Suggestion Strategy
     - Shital P. Dhok and Mrudula Nimbarte

8. Edge Based Watermarking Protection for Sequence Detectors
     - Jasmine Saini and Sagar Chauhan

9. A Survey Paper On An Artery Vein Classification Of Retinal Images to Identify Diabetes Using Graph Based Approach
     - Vishakha Fursule and Ram Mangrulkar

10. A Three Phase Transformer Modelling For Distribution System
     - Debojyoti Sen, Aditi Dixit and Anshul Tiwari

11. Role of Probiotics in Aquaculture
     - Shashi Patil and Sonia Johri

12. A Digital India with E-Commerce Revolution in Rural India (Transform India Digitally and Economically)
     - Anooja A

Volume 6 - 2015
Papers in Volume 6, Issue-1 in 2015

Cover page

1. Relationship of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) with Safety, Environment and Morale of employees in Indian Process Industry
     - Amit chopra, Anish Sachdeva and Arvind Bhardwaj

2. River Health Assessment of Chambal River using Water Quality Parameters: MP
     - Naresh Singh Yadav, Amit Kumar and M.P.Sharma

3. Software Project Architectural Approach using Java Strut
     - Ankur Saxena and Ankur Chaurasia

4. Multilayer Silicon Oxynitride Strip Waveguide Mode Filter
     - Janardan Prasad and Vishnu Priye

5. Eco-Friendly Cropping of Medicinally Important Plant Withania Somnifera by using Vam Nodulation
     - Huda Afreen, Amar Singh Kashyap, Preeti Sharma

6. A Approach Simplified Mathematical to Develop a Thermal Model of Building in MATLAB/Simulink
     - V.S.K.V. Harish and Arun Kumar

7. Effect of Barley Husk Fibre on the Mechanical and Barrier Properties of Polyvinyl Alcohol Biodegradable Films
     - Deepak Kohli, Sangeeta Garg and A.K Jana

8. A Modified Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Function Optimization
     - Ashok Pal, S.B.Singh and Kusum Deep

9. Study of Neem Oil as a Source of Biolubricant
     - Prerna Singh Chauhan

10. A Comprehensive Review of Cost of Quality
     - Rajeev Trehan, Anish Sachdeva and Rajiv K. Garg

Volume 5 - 2014
Papers in Volume 5 in 2014

1. Techniques for Efficient Implementation of Firmware in Microcontroller’s Based Energy Consumption Breakdown Smart Meters
     - Rodrigo M. Bacurau, Elnatan C. Ferreira, Luis F. C. Duarte and José A. Siqueira Dias

2. Assessment of Oxidation Stability of Oils for Biodiesel Production
     - Prem Kumar, M.P. Sharma and Gaurav Dwivedi

3. Biosensors in our Daily Life
     - Manav Jain and Mohammad Jawaid Siddiqui

4. A Comparative Study of Antifreeze Proteins from Antarctomyces psychrotrophicus and Typhula ishikariensis using Computational Tools and Servers
     - Hina Bansal, Sakshi Srivastava, Ankur Chaurasia and Neetu Jabalia

5. Behaviour Consequences of Malnutrition in Early Childhood
     - C Vidya, H Rathna and S. K. Tripathi

6. An Application Filter for Filtering Noise from Medical Images using Responsive Ablaze Medical Filter (An application specific image filter)
     - B. N. Bhargava and S. Patil Neelakantagouda

7. Study on Properties of Al-6Fe-1V-1Si Alloy
     - B. N. Pathak

8. Corporate Governance Reporting Practices: Evidence from Selected IT & Hotel Companies - A Comparative Approach
     - Atul Bansal

9. Suggesting Advance Methods for Obtaining Instantly Recognizable and Accurate Images
     - Sargam Badyal and Naveen Kumar N

10. Therapeutic and Medicinal Effects of Different Parts of Musa sapientum
     - Piyush Dixit, Vivek Kumar and Rimi Shukla

11. The Evolution of Blue Ocean Strategy: The Ideas That Shaped a Century and its Companies
     - Anju Singh

12. PSO Based PID Controller for Hard Disk Controller
     - Dheeraj Mor, Yuvraj Singh Rathore and Charvi Mittal

13. A Comparative Performance Survey of Obstacle Detection of Mobile Robot using various Sensor Technologies
     - P. Kausalya and S. Poonkuntran

Volume 4 - 2013
Papers in Volume 4 in 2013

1. Piezoresistive Microcantilevers for Biomedical Applications
     - Mohd. Zahid Ansari

2. Bacterial Degradation of Crude oil Components Using Brewery Effluents as Biostimulation Agents
     - M.B Yerimaa, S.E Aginab, A.F Umarc, U. Anibasad, A. Ebenuwad and A.M Nasire

3. Dimensional Analysis and Multiple Regressions of Experimental Results to Predict the Equilibrium Scour Depth Around Circular Pier in Mixed Cohesive Beds
    Aluminium Treated Mice

     - Susanta Chaudhuri, Koustuv Debnath and Bhabani P. Mukhopadhyay

4. Decolorization of Triphenylmethane Dyes using Immobilized Fungal Biomass
     - Rathindra Mohan Banik and Devendra Kumar Verma

5. Perceived Barriers to Youth Entrepreneurship – A Study of Uttarakhand State, India
     - Lalit Sharma and Pankaj Madan

6. Isolation and Partial Characterization of Sodium-Azide Resistant Mutant Strain of Anabaena Cylindrica with Increase Growth and Heterocyst Differentiation
     - Ila Dubey and Surendra Singh

7. Coronary Arteries Segmented Using SIMULINK Model in MATLAB
     - Pankaj Goyal and Kuldeep Goyal

8. GSCM Performance Evaluation of Indian Manufacturing Industry using Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP)
     - Sarbjit Singh and Arvind Bhardwaj

9. Multi Response Optimization of Process Parameters in Electric Discharge Machining of High Strength Low Alloy (HSLA) Steel
     - V.K. Saini , Zahid A. Khan and Arshad Noor Siddiquee

10. Role of Gate Materials in Performance Enhancement of Junctionless Vertical Double Gate MOSFET
     - Jagdeep Rahul, Anurag Srivastava and Shekhar Yadav

11. Effect of Cellulase on Mixed Hardwood Pulp for Refining Energy
     - Rashmi Singh, Nishi Kant Bhardwaj and Bijan Choudhury

12. Development of Novel Nano-photonics Based Biosensors for Biomedical Applications
     - Isha Bharti

13. Characterization of Postural Steadiness of Post-Stroke Hemiplegic Patients by Force Platform Data Analysis
     - Souvik Das

14. Finite State Machine Based Modeling and Testing of Web Based Applications using Mutation Analysis
     - Nipur, Rakesh Kumar and Priyanka Gupta

Volume 3 - 2012
Papers in Volume 3 in 2012

1. Polyacrylamide Interacalated OMMT Clay Nanocomposite: Synthesis and Characterization
     - Monika Srivastava* and Rajiv Prakash

2. Effect of Shoe Weight on Swing of Prosthetic Components for Trans-femoral Amputees
     - Manoj Soni, Sneh Anand and S. Maji

3. Evaluation of Haematological and Hepatorenal Functions of Selected Plant Extract on
    Aluminium Treated Mice

     - Sonia Johri and Neelu Sinha

4. Finite Element Modeling of Tool Wear Rate in Electrical Discharge Machining
     - U. K. Vishwakarma, A. Dvivedi and P. Kumar

5. Character Recognition: A Neural Network Approach
     - R. C. Tripathi

6. Design of Stepped Impedance Low Pass Filter using Defected Ground Structure
     - R. P. S. Kushwah and R. N. Baral

7. A One Pot Synthesis of Arylindoles by Bischler Indoles Synthesis Under Coupled Microwave
    Phase Transfer Catalysis

     - Ragini Gupta and Bindu Varshney

8. A Brief Analysis and Field Oriented Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drive
     - Ambarisha Mishra, Pramod Agarwal and S.P.Srivastava

9. Understanding and Analyzing the Viability of Green Marketing : A Consumer Awareness
    Level Study with respect to Noida Region

     - Reeva Verma and Pratibha Giri

10. Neutraceutical Potential of Indian Spices: A Review
     - Vikas Shrivastava, Richa Sharma, Gunjan Shrivastava, Natasha Mahajan, Vijayta Sharma and Uma Bhardwaj

11. Modelling a Plant-Herbivore System with Simultaneous Effect of Disease and Toxicant
     - Sudipa Sinha

12. Solution for the Problem of Loud Knocking Sound in LPH 3 at 2 x 250 MW Paras TPS,

     - Naveen Prakash and S.K. Baveja

13. T Slot Three Steps Stair Wideband Antenna for WiMAX and WLAN Applications
     - Sarita, Krishan Sharma and Shikha Sukhija

14. Organizational Commitment: Review and Analysis
     - Shevata Singhal and Sunita Dwivedi

Volume 2 - 2011
Papers in Volume 2 in 2011

1. Determination of Undeclared Chemicals in Herbal Slimming Medicines using HPTLC
     - Mohammad Kamil*, Mazen Ali Naji

2. Estimation of Average Transmission Time for an Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing

     - Ruby Beniwal*, H.O. Gupta

3. Optimization of Agitation and Aeration Rate of Maximum Production of L-Glutaminase by
    Bacillus Cereus MTCC 1305

     - Rathindra Mohan Banik, Priyanka Singh

4. A PLC Based Gait Phase Identification for Bilateral above Knee Leg Prosthesis Solution
     - Manoj Soni*, S. Maji and Sneh Anand
       and Chitra Sharma

5. Prioritized Call Admission Control Schemes for Integrated Traffic in Wireless Mobile

     - V.K. Saraswata, Manmohan Sharma

6. Experimental Investigation of Drill Point Geometry in Drilling of Metal Matrix Composites
     - Sarbjit Singh, Inderdeep Singh, Akshay Dvivedi* and Pradeep Kumar

7. Potential of Microalgae as a Source of Biodiesel
     - Mrinali Singh, Monika Prakash Rai*

8. Innovation for Organizational Transformation and Changes: Framework for Research
     - Pankaj Madan*, Durgesh Gaurav

9. Porous Chitosan Scaffold for Sustained Release of Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride as a Potential
    Wound Dressing

     - Mukty Sinha, Pralay Maiti and Rathindra M. Banik

10. M-Commerce Based Personalized Service for Users in India: A Factual Study
     - Gagan Varshney

11. Low Cost Method for Testing Automobile Fuels
     - R.K. Sharma, Anil Kumar Gupta*

12. Analysis of Current Mirrors for Low Power
     - Praween Sinha*, R.K. Sharma and Umakanta Choudhary

13. Life Transitions of Women Workforce: A Review
     - Poonam Singh Sangwan

14. Artificial Neural Network Based Health Monitoring of Induction Machines
     - Om Prakash Yadav*, Dheeraj Joshi and G.L. Pahuja

15. Role of Human Resource Information System (HRIS) in Strategic HR Tasks
     - Pallavi Gautam*, Rohit Kaushik

16. A Real Time Monitoring Approach for Pulse Counting Using Embedded Design Techniques
     - Praveen Kumar*, Mandeep Singh
Volume 1 - 2010
Papers in Volume 1 in 2010

1. Role of Oxygen in the Plasma Catalytic Removal of NOx
     - Mok Young Sun, Vaikuntachar Ravi

2. Stabilization of V4+ State in Vanadium Compounds
     - Kini S. Nagesh

3. Experimental Investigation for the Condensation Heat
    Transfer of R-245Fa over Horizontal Plain Tube

     - Rathod Pravin P, Ravi Kumar and Akhilesh Gupta

4. Feedback Based Framework for Flexibility Management
    and Control

     - Durgesh Sharma, Ajay Singholi, Mohammad Ali
       and Chitra Sharma

5. Theory of Constraints Based Approach to Effective Change

     - Ajay Gupta, Arvind Bhardwaj, Arun Kanda, Anish Sachdeva

6. Creep Failure Estimation of Distribution Transformers
     - N.S. Beniwal, H. O. Gupta and D. K. Dwivedi

7. Differential Cross Sections Parmeters of D States of Ca
    and Sr Atoms

     - Kapil Sirohi, P.S Negi and Sachin Saxena

8. Natural Convection from Discrete Heat Sources in
    Enclosures: An Overview

     - G.S.V.L. Narasimham

9. Fuzzy Logic Based Students Performance Analysis Model for
    Educational Institutions

     - Neetesh Saxena, Kajal Kaushal Saxena

10. Maximum Throughput in a Lined Up MANET
     - Chandra Kanta Samal

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