Aim & Scope

The International Journal of Research (IJR) is an interdisciplinary and refereed journal, which covers the scientific research in a broader sense and facilitates researchers all around the world from all engineering disciplines, all scientific disciplines and management research to publish their scholarly applied and/or fundamental research works.

IJR aims to publish only quality research papers. Free to publish methodology has been adopted; n o article process fee is charged. The following types of papers are considered for publication:
a) Original and unpublished works in the above mentioned fields.
b) Surveys, opinions, abstracts and essays related to engineering, science and management.
c) Review papers will be published if the author had done considerable work in that area.

Broadly the areas covered include but not limited to:
a) All core engineering disciplines
b)Applied Engineering sciences such as Biotechnology and Bio Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Petroleum and Mining Engineering, Marine and Agriculture engineering and Aerospace Engineering
c) Methodological approach to support engineering products

Article processing
All submitted articles will be initially subjected to editorial procedures, if found suitable for publishing will be sent to reviewers who are expert in relevant field, for peer review. Authors are also invited to suggest at least three potential reviewers who can review their article. It is not mandatory for the editor to send the articles only to the reviewer referred by authors; it is at discretion of the editor to send articles to any reviewer of his/ her choice. Once the review process is over and the article is accepted authors will be intimated over mail with the galley proof which the author is insisted to reply within 5 days of time, after which the article will be sent for publishing.

Submission of articles
Authors are invited to submit their research articles, review papers properly formatted as per the Author Guidelines.

Authors are also instructed to submit the copyright transfer form once the article is accepted for publication, without which the articles will not be processed. Author can download the copyright transfer form here, duly filled form should be submitted here.

Frequency of publication : Annual
IJR hopes that Researchers, Research scholars, Academician, Industrialists, Consultancy etc. would make use of this journal publication for the development of science and technology.